05 April 2020

Microsoft Teams Overview

Microsoft Teams Chat

This is a short video that I made to show you what you could
do in a Microsoft Chat

#Microsoft #Microsoft Teams #teaching #distance Learning #home learning #remote learning

03 April 2020

How to use Microsoft Teams to Teach

How to use Microsoft Teams to Teach

This is a short 6 minute video that will help you how to teach using Microsoft Teams.

I hope that you find it useful!

#Microsoft #Microsoft Teams #teaching #distance #Learning #home learning #remote learning

01 April 2020

Microsoft Teams Create an Assignment

Microsoft Teams Create an Assignment

This is a quick video on how to create an Assignment in Microsoft Teams. 
There is also a few tips and tricks that will make your life easier.

#Microsoft #Microsoft Education #Microsoft Teams #Distance Learning

16 March 2020

15 March 2020

Microsoft PowerPoint Screen recording

Microsoft PowerPoint Screen recording

Many teachers are wondering how they can video their lessons from home
and then upload them to a social media platform or just share this with
Microsoft, Google, etc

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to use Microsoft PowerPoint
to record your screen with your voice.

09 March 2020

Maths Graphs

Mathematics Graphs

Click on the pictures to link to the relevant files

10 February 2020

Fractions PowerPoint

This is a PowerPoint that will assist you with adding, simplifying fractions



How to add fractions with similar and different denominators.

This is really cool!  Use the up and down arrow keys to show you how to work these out!

03 February 2020

Maths Bearings

Maths Bearings

Click here for the PowerPoint