22 February 2022

Tui and Parque Vocacional Eden day 6

Tui and Parque Vocacional Eden day 6

Woke up to nit a cloud in the sky.  According to the weather report, it is the best day we will be here.

Had a quick breakfast and today's quirky dish was hotdogs for breakfast.

We walked down to Chico Beach, which is about a 40 minute walk.  

The volcano looks great still with a bit of snow on the top.

The beach is clean and the sand is soft. It is black because of the volcanic rock.

There are some beautiful out of the way side streets.

Caught a taxi back to the hotel and with a tip comes to 5 euros.

Back at the hotel we continued with our grand slam table tennis tournament.  

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21 February 2022

Tui and Parque Vocacional Eden day 5

Tui and Parque Vocacional Eden day 5

I had the best sleep since I have been here.  The weather looks good and we will be going for a walk after breakfast today.

Headed down for breakfast and had bacon egg, but also had a delicious waffle with honey and cream.  Apparently this has been here ever morning, but I have not seen it before, thus I had to try some. 

After breakfast we went for a different walk through the suburbs.  Beautiful views as we walked down.

We ended up on the promenade and then walked along the promenade back to the pickup point for the Eden shuttle.

This is something we are using more and more.  The walk down to the beach is great and relatively easy.  After walking for an hour down loads of stairs, the shuttle is the best way back.
The shuttle going into town is very popular, especially in the early morning sessions, so make sure you get there early.

A lazy afternoon lying outside in the deckchairs, swimming and playing table tennis was what was accomplished today.

Tonight's theme is a seafood bbq.
What a great spread.
Prawns, octopus, calamari and loads of other seafood.  Really good.

Back to our room and just about ready to go to bed.  I can already hear the entertainment, so I do not think I will be sleeping before 11:00.  Last night the people upstairs decided to rearrange their furniture at 4:00 this morning.  What a great way to wake up.

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Tui and Parque Vocacional Eden day 4

Tui and Parque Vocacional Eden day 4

It rained during the night and still  a little overcast.  Not at all cold though, in fact even when it us raining, the temperature is still in the teens.

Off to breakfast. There is sometimes a little surprise at breakfast and I find things I would not necessarily have thought was breakfast food. This morning was battered onions which were delicious.

I went for a walk outside the hotel and found a park really close.  There were plenty of people walking their dogs and there was a little cafe which seems popular with the locals.

We have been looking for a good seafood restaraunt and we stumbled across one while walking on the promenade.  Give Pomodoro a try, it really is worthwhile.

It has such a variety of different foods from prawns to pizza to light snacks.

All the food was excellent and you can sit outside right on the water's edge and the prices were very good.

Back at hotel, we swam in the outside pool on floor 5.  A quick.warmimg, the outside pools are freezing at this time of year.  The covered pool is perfect.  We very quickly moved pools....

After the swim we played a bit of table tennis. The table tennis equipment is playable, but could do with another new sets of bats.

There is also a pool table which costs 1 euro per game.

Tonight's evening had an intertaional theme.
There is always a variety of fruit and salad every night, so if you cannot find something there is always this and really nice deserts. Tonight, however I really enjoyed the spring rolls and the fish balls.

Tonight is Sunday and they have a happy hour.

There is however no entertainment on a Sunday. I might sleep tonight.... 

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20 February 2022

Tui and Parque Vocacional Eden day 3

 Tui and Parque Vocacional Eden day 3

Woke up and Still exhausted.  I dream of a good night sleep not interrupted by people passing in the passage talking at the top of their lungs or from people dragging their suitcases across the front entrance before reception.

But it is a nice sunny day, a little overcast, but still warm.  I decided to do a quick load of washing before breakfast which took exactly 47 minutes.  The cost is 3.50 euro and you do not need to put in any detergent as this is done automatically.

Time for breakfast and like normal this was excellent.

We decided to take a leisurely stroll throught the gardens and have a bit of an explore of the hotel that we had not seen before.

As we approached the chess set we had to have a quick 2 games before we could continue.

Walking around we found the various pools and solariums.

The weather report said it is was going to rain after lunch, so some of us decided to go siteseeing and the other three decided to stay and either read a book or go swimming.

The walk took about 20 minutes to get into town, which was not bad.  We had not been to this part before.  It was an older part and off the tourist track.  It was beautiful to see the old Fort, the cannons and even see people waiting for the boats to come on with their fresh catch of the day.

After the walk and lunch, I went to speak to Linda, the local Tui representative.  She really was great.  She knows about the local area and can advise you on travel, sites and restaraunts.  I really wish the Tui reps could stay longer at each hotel, but I realise we have to share them between a number of hotels.
She has given us advice on where to eat and we will try that tomorrow.

This evening's supper had either a Mexican or Greek theme, depending on which board you looked at.  The food was good, bit the Italian theme has been the favourite this far.

After supper the heavens have opened and it is torrenting down.

The good news is with this amount of rain and wind  I should not hear the entertainment.

Nooooo,  21:40, the rain has stopped and I can now hear a lady singing, although not as loud as normal.

I might sleep tonight...

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18 February 2022

Tui and Parque Vocacional Eden day 2

Tui and Parque Vocacional Eden day 2

Woke up to the alarm going off and I cannot believe I have to get up.  Feeling absolutely exhausted. 

The sleeper couch was not great to sleep on.  I suspect the mattress is not the best in the world, although I did get clean linen for this.

Off to breakfast and what a great spread.  Everything looked good.  A few different things on the breakfast menu that I would not really consider, but tried it and it worked!  Even the kids enjoyed their breakfast.  Some of the breakfast had been cooked and I could see that it had been sitting there for awhile.

We decided to take the shuttle into town and go explore.  Wow there is so much to see and do.   We left at 10:00 and the shuttle took about 10 minutes to get.  We were dropped in the underground parking of a complex.  Really central to get everywhere.

Absolutely great weather and it was not packed full of tourists which was great.  Went out of the complex and headed towards the beach.  There were surfers in the sea and a few micro lites in the air.  It just looked perfect!  


Close to the beach we spotted Exclusive clothing and ended up purchasing a really nice dress.

We continued to walk along the beach promenade and it really was perfect.  

There were so many different shops to look at.  We ended up buying parrot and jumper souvenirs with the words Tenerife all over them.  We bought some jewellery and once our feet were sore we stopped for drinks at Columbus. 

Absolutely stunning with Marilyn Monroe, bands and jukeboxes as props.  

We caught the 13:00 shuttle back and I am glad we were early as there was not enough space for everyone in the bus so they needed to wait for the shuttle to return.

All the staff that I have dealt with in the hotel have really been great.

After lunch we walked around the hotel to see what we could find.  The grounds are really spectacular and you can find various trees from other places.  

Amount the trees you can find the mini golf and we had a quick game of chess after finding the chess board.

There is an outdoor pool that has a retractable roof allowing them to close it in cooper weather.

Close to the pool is a tennis court.  You can go to reception and ask for put put and tennis equipment for free for an hour. A towel is 10 euro cash deposit.

Feeling famished we were literally the first people in the restaurant for supper.
It was an Italian theme and was very good.
I really loved the crumbed calamari and the spaghetti carbonare was a real hit with the entire family.

Back in our room I tried to update my blog, but the Internet was not great, so did everything in draft form and will wait for the Internet to come back on.
This has been a frustration, everytime you leave the WiFi area, it forgets you and you have to sign on again.  This seems to happen at random times during the day as well.

Well almost time for bed.  I am not sure who today's intertainment is, but once again it is very loud.  At least I know that 11:00 is the cutoff for late noise.

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