17 March 2021

Education Reimagined: The Future of Learning

Education Reimagined: The Future of Learning 


Read Education Reimagined:
The Future of Learning for actions you can take in each of the three phases of transformation:

Phase One:
Disruption. Discover how insights from the early days of the pandemic are driving innovation.
Phase Two:
Transition. Get key guidelines for tackling the transition phase where flexibility is essential and may include a combination of remote and in-school learning.
Phase Three:
Reimagining. Create a deep learning system that prepares students to navigate ambiguity and change.

Read the entire whitepaper by clicking below:

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04 March 2021

Mars Rover Sends Back Panoramic Views and First Audio

Mars Rover Sends Back Panoramic Views and First Audio

Perseverance captured its first high-resolution panorama of its surroundings during 
its third day on Mars. Zoom in to see some of the areas mission scientists are keen to explore.

First-of-its-kind footage taken from multiple cameras on the rover, parachute and 
spacecraft lets you experience this Mars landing as if you were riding alongside the 
Perseverance rover.

You’ve seen Mars, now hear it in the first audio recordings captured by one of the 
two microphones on the Mars Perseverance rover.

Click below

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I have been using Wakelet recently again and I really think it is awesome!

They have a 9 page official guide to Wakelet that goes from creating an account, 
to creating your first collection to amazing ways to use Wakelet.

Click below to get the guide.

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18 February 2021

Microsoft Digital Literacy Part 2

 Microsoft Digital Literacy Part 2

I have loaded the second part in a Youtube channel, but I thought it might
also be easier if I used this in Wakelet.

To get the YouTube Part 2 of the Digital Literacy, click below:

Wakelet Part 1

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17 February 2021

Microsoft Digital Literacy

 Microsoft Digital Literacy

I believe that everyone should know how to use a computer.
There are so many courses out there, but some of them are really expensive.

Over the course of the next few days I will create playlists that
will allow you to take the Microsoft Digital Literacy course and pass.

It is a FREE course from Microsoft which will show you competence.

Click below to get to the playlist

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16 February 2021



I know I have blogged on this before, but that was ages ago and I have
rediscovered how great this is, with all new versions.

Of course you can do the hour of code in this, but the site has expanded so much.
There are so many brilliant things that you can do.
There is a learning path for Junior, Middle and High Schools.
There are complete teacher solutions with lesson plans, differentiated leaning,
student assessment and even professional learning spaces.

I am so impressed with this and I cannot believe that this is all FREE!

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15 February 2021

Microsoft Office Options

 Microsoft Office Options

I am very impressed with the various options  of Microsoft.

I was part of a online forum last week and I was mentioning how good the
free version of A1 is.  When you look at the differences, there is not much less
than you are getting for the paid version.  You are able to run a complete
education institution or school with the free version.

If you want to see the options in greater detail, click below.

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