10 May 2017

Scratch Lesson

Welcome Grade 6

Today we are going to be doing awesome things.

Firstly let me talk about decomposition:
what does this mean?


There are 3 steps to this:

The main difficult task is broken down into simpler tasks.
(design, write, debug)
think of examples......

We are going to design the game
We are going to write the program
and we are going to present it to another student

The animations broken down into components
(cat, ball, background)

Find a partner.
On the tables write down how something very complicated can be
made easier by breaking it into parts.

We are going to be making a game, but here are many parts.
Here is the completed game

Here is the program for you to follow.

We will need to:

Design the program.
Explain how we are going to design and make the game

You have used Scratch before.
Can you remember the parts of scratch?

I can:
decompose a program by:
writing (including debugging)
and present a program

Why is it important to write a bit of program and then run it often?

What did we learn today?

Need more help?