13 December 2016

The perfect Christmas Gift

The perfect Christmas Gift

My youngest daughter says that she would like a new laptop.  I  did say that 
she currently has an i5 laptop with Windows 10, which I think most people 
would think was very good!  She said yes, but it is not the latest....   

On the one side children are always looking for the latest and best things, 
while in education many of our leaders have not caught up with the digital revolution. 
 the reality however is that they are like me... a little older, born before the overhead projector. 
(younger readers might have to look this up on Wikipedia, but the reality was this was 
really a great advancement in technology in education...)  Being in ICT I would like to 
think that I am ahead of my game with technology in education and being able to 
relate to children and what they find interesting, but sometimes I am worried when 
leaders and principals look at what I am doing and say they do not understand the 
day to day applications and they think that what I do is a little far fetched, although 
some of the concept things that I started doing in ICT was more than 10 years ago 
and yes I did get into a lot of trouble over this. 

Apart from ICT in education, there are basic fundamental things that I would endorse 
for any pupil around the world.    

Perhaps being in an underprivileged school puts this more in perspective but:  

(This is in no order or preference, but jumbled thoughts...) 

be encouraged to take the chance and learn something new today, 
do not be afraid to go against the main stream and actually be prepared to work,  
embrace different cultures, people and encourage diversity,  
do something for other people, do not just think of yourself,  
be proud of what you could possibly achieve,  
have a goal and strive to achieve it,  
be kind to others, you do not know what baggage they are carrying, 
(In my school this is HUGE) 
treat people with respect and dignity

Perhaps the best way to end this would be:
"dif-tor heh smusma"
or in English
"Live long and prosper"

Perhaps a new approach to a novel, innovative, collaborative 
way of teaching will allow the students to reach the stars...