28 September 2012

Create graphs online

Create graphs online

 Create infographics and interactive online charts.
It's free and super-easy!
Very nice!!!

Mobile Devices for Learning

New Guide! Mobile Devices for Learning:
What You Need to Know

This guide can help you better understand how mobile gadgets -- cell phones, tablets, and smartphones -- can engage students and change their learning environment. 



The real definition of WiFi ...

27 September 2012


Best Free Antivirus

I suppose that this is always a little complicated ....
But here they are ....

No 1

No 2

No 3

21 September 2012

Digital Etiquette Video

This is a very cool video about digital etiquette.
Very simple and the message is clear!!

20 September 2012

Sticky note

create your own sticky notes.  Very easy to use and there is not even a signup required!!


Online Timelines

 Web-based timeline software for creating and sharing history, project and more ...



Watercolor Techniques & Ideas for Kids

Watercolor Techniques & Ideas for Kids

Look at this LOVELY post for primary school & art teachers 
'50+ Watercolor Techniques & Ideas for Kids'


Foundation Phase videos

Foundation Phase videos

This is a very cool site if you are looking for videos to show your class, not really educational,
But very good music and dance videos, sing along, etc.....
There might be something here for your FP play .......