02 January 2013

PBS Kids Cyberchase

PBS Kids Cyberchase

PBS Kids Cyberchase offers online and offline mathematics games
and activities. The collection of more than forty online games are designed
to make students think about patterns and use logic to solve challenges.
The offline activities use the same model, but are designed for hands-on
offline learning.

The highlight of the Cyberchase online activities are the "quest" activities
in which students have to solve problems as along a journey as they work toward
a goal. For example, in Mission Motherboard students have to solve problems to
earn money that they then use to buy parts to fix a motherboard. Not all of the
games are as time intensive as Mission Motherboard. A quick activity is the
Virtual Coin Flip. The Virtual Coin Flip teaches students a short lesson in
probability. There is a supplementary explanatory video to go along with each
game in the Cyberchase online activities.

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