10 September 2014



This is really a fantastic website.  The CK-12 Foundation provides 
a library of free online textbooks, videos, exercises, flashcards, 
and real world applications.  Once you have registered, which is quick and easy,
you can then pick a topic.

I picked basic geometry for this example.

I started with the 2 page worksheet that explained the various definitions.
Click the button below to get the file.

You can then click on other reading material, which I 
thought was very good.  Here is a screen capture of one
of the reading materials.

You can then look at various videos that you can show to your class.

There are 54 different things that you can do in this section.

This is really fantastic, make sure that you have a look
at all the different sections so that you can benefit from
all of these great resources!!

Click below to go to the site.

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