27 October 2014

Flipping your classroom in 6 steps

Flipping your classroom in 6 steps

1.      Plan: Figure out which lesson you’re going to flip.
Outline key learning outcomes and put together a lesson plan.
2.      Record: Instead of teaching your lesson as usual, record a video.
You can do this however you’d like, just ensure that the lesson contains
all of the elements you would have if you were doing it in the classroom
in person. Make it interesting and engaging. Ask yourself: would I
want to watch this?
3.      Share: Share the video with your students. Explain that the video’s
content will be discussed and used in class
4.      Change: Now that your students have watched the lesson,
they’ll be primed to delved into the topic in more depth than they
would otherwise be. Go for it!
5.      Group: A great way to explore the topic is to engage the class
in group discussions. Separate the students into smaller groups so
that everyone’s voice has a better chance of being heard, and
questions are more likely to be asked. Give each group a task
and a goal to work towards.
6.      Regroup: Get the class back together to share each group’s
work with the whole class. As questions, offer opinions, encourage

Then, Review, Revise and Repeat! Figure out what worked
and what didn’t, add or subtract elements, change things
around, and try it again with a different lesson. It will get better
with time and practice!

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