26 November 2014

New quest in the Game of Science

New quest in the Game of Science

There is a new quest in the Game of Science.
This is a really great interactive game which allows learners
to be in control of their avatar and lets them make their own decisions!

The new quest is “Brought to You by Ship” quest, 
available by clicking on the icon at the bottom right of the 
new world map.

At the helm of your ship, successfully complete the first steps 
of a delivery of goods to the GAME FOR SCIENCE islands. 
Then, develop you marine transportation company in order to 
make it the most beautiful and most efficient!

Use your logistics skills so that your cargoes make it to safe 
harbour while managing the growth, profitability and environmental 
efficiency of your company.

As the captain of your fleet, manage the purchase and storage of goods, 
fuel and crews. Your judgment and your knowledge of marine 
transportation on the St. Lawrence will be challenged in order to get 
your ship out of bad situations at sea!


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