06 November 2015

make a web note

Microsoft Edge make a web note

It is always amazing how you find things by accident.
In the new Microsoft Edge browser, there is a icon on the top right that says:
“make a web note”
It is really great and it allows people to write, draw and highlight directly onto the webpage.

Once you click on the make a web note on the top, the new menu 
The menu pops up

You can click on the pen and choose a colour.
and then draw on the webpage.

You can choose the highlighter and choose a colour

If you make a mistake you can clear all the ink that you have created.

You can also type directly onto the page

You can copy a selected area

Once you have finished, you can then save the page

or you can share the page via your mail or OneNote

This is really great and I can see how this can be used
very effectively for teaching and learning.

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