16 December 2015

2016 National Education Technology Plan (NETP)

2016 National Education Technology Plan (NETP)

The National Education Technology Plan is the flagship educational 
technology policy document for the United States. 
The 2016 Plan, Future Ready Learning: Reimagining the 
Role of Technology in Education, articulates a vision of equity, 
active use, and collaborative leadership to make everywhere, 
all-the-time learning possible. 
While acknowledging the continuing need to provide greater equity of 
access to technology itself, the plan goes further to call upon all involved 
in American education to ensure equity of access to transformational learning 
experiences enabled by technology. 
The principles and examples provided in this document align to the 
Innovative Technology Expands Children’s Horizons (ITECH) 
program as authorized by Congress in December 2015 
through the Every Child Achieves Act.

This is really great!
After reading it I realised that this could be used or adapted in almost any country.
Definitely worth a read!

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