03 February 2016

Could YOU crack this code to land yourself a job?

Could YOU crack this code to land yourself a job?

Could YOU crack this code to land yourself a job? 
Recruiter releases first ever advert written entirely in computer language.

A new London-based website called Woto has a job listing written in code
It claims to be the first ever advert for employment of the sort
Applicants will need to crack the programming language in order to apply
The move is designed to highlight the growing important of coding in the UK, with schools now adding coding to their curriculum
Woto is a blogging site that lets people share content on custom-built pages

Do you know your ‘if’ statements from your ‘for’ loops?
If so, you might have a shot at the world’s first job advert written entirely in code.
Created by London-based Woto, the advert is looking for a creative designer to join the company - but they’ll need to be adept at coding to apply.

Speaking to MailOnline, Sophie Kurta from Sense Communications, 
who is handling the launch of the site, said there was a possibility more such 
job listings may go live in future as it is a ‘fun way of doing job adverts.’
She explained that as coding in schools in the UK is becoming a bigger issue, 
with it now on the curriculum for primary and secondary school pupils, 
the advert was seen as a good way to keep up with the times.


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