17 January 2021

Top 25 Microsoft Forms tips and tricks for 2021

Top 25 Microsoft Forms tips and tricks for 2021


I use forms all the time and I love the fact that you can do quizes
that mark themselves.  I can use this at the beginning of a topic to see how 
much prior knowledge they have or at the end of a module to see what gaps
the students are missing.  What I also like about this is that it keeps an 
Excel document so it becomes easy to see the progress the students have made
over the course of a module.

📝 Table of contents 0:00 Introduction 0:20 New Forms Home page Layout 1:05 Tile view vs. Table View 1:20 Likert question type 2:28 NPS (Net Promoter Score) question type 2:52 Sections in Microsoft Forms 4:06 Improved Themes with Forms "Ideas" 4:35 Branching in Forms 6:05 Upload a File when answering question 7:31 Immersive Reader in Forms 9:09 Math Keyboard in Forms 10:39 Print a Form and Print Forms Summary 11:22 Shuffle Forms questions 12:04 Set start date/time or end date/time 12:47 Get a link to the summary of Form responses 13:32 Customized message at the end of your Form 13:53 Duplicate a Form (Make your own copy) 15:07 Share or collaborate on a Form 16:12 Multilingual Forms 17.21 Outlook quick polls with Microsoft Forms 18:31 Excel integration with Microsoft Forms 20:04 Microsoft Teams integration with Microsoft Forms 21:00 OneNote integration with Microsoft Forms 22:24 PowerPoint integration with Microsoft Forms 23:13 Stream integration with Microsoft Forms

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