04 December 2017

Using Scratch 1.4 for Programming and Control Lesson 4

Using Scratch 1.4 for Programming and Control Lesson 4

The objective of the game is to collect 10 bananas or more in 20 seconds A

countdown goes from 20 seconds to 0.When the countdown reaches zero a
message will come up saying whether the player has won (10 bananas or more) or
lost (less than 10 bananas collected).

Lesson 4:
You will understand:
 The following key terms – variable, operator, IF..Else…repeat until
 How to give the user instructions at the beginning of the game
 How to use broadcast to start the game
 BOOLEAN LOGIC as it applies to combining conditions necessary for game outcomes
 Combine different conditions using If…Else.. to govern the game outcome
 How to animate a sprite using costumes
 How to control the movement of a sprite using arrow keys
 How to design a maze on the stage
 How to make sprites interact with the background by using colours
 The range of coordinates available on the stage in Scratch
 How to make sprites start in a pre-set starting position using co-ordinates
 How to make objects to disappear and reappear in a random position

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