02 December 2017

Using Scratch 1.4 for Programming and Control Lesson 1

Using Scratch 1.4 for Programming and Control
Lesson 1

Scratch is a free visual programming language developed by the MIT Media Lab. 
Scratch was created to help young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically
and work collaboratively. 

I have found that some teachers struggle with this, so here is a 16 page book to 
give to students so that they can follow the book and learn how to code.  
All the steps are included.

Lesson 1:
You will understand how to:
 Create a simple script that animates the sprite automatically
 Create a script that allows the user to control the movement of the sprite using
the arrow keys
 Combine the different scripts to work together on the same sprite
 Make the sprite reverse direction
 Edit the stage using the Paint Editor facility within Scratch
 Make the sprite react to the background
 Import a new sprite from the ones available within scratch
 Create and edit new costumes for an existing sprite
 Create a simple script that move the sprite automatically
 Create variables to set the score and the countdown
 Set a sprite to start in a certain position
 Save your work

Have fun!

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