29 May 2015

Microsoft Educator Network

 Microsoft Educator Network

Last week we had a great staff workshop on the Microsoft Educator 
Network, which can be found at https://www.educatornetwork.com/.  
We went through the various things that can be found on the site like 
the great learning activities that can be searched according to subject, 
as well as grades. 

   We went through all the great free tools that are 
available that can be incorporated into our classrooms. (http://www.educatornetwork.com/resources/tools)

As a bonus I also introduced our staff to Office Sway, which is now 
included in the Office 365 cloud, so all of our staff have access to this.

I also showed the staff the new Office Mix and how they could use 
these great new features in their class and how they could use it to 
improve the teaching and learning.  Some of our staff have already 
started using this and I cannot wait to see how this will transform 
how we are teaching in our school.

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