08 May 2015

Microsoft Redmond Day 1 Reflection

Microsoft Redmond Day 1 Reflection

Now that I have settled back into a normal routine, I thought it 
appropriate to give a reflection of my time away at Microsoft 
Head Office in Redmond.

Leaving on Sunday, 26 April it took 39 hours for me to arrive 
in Seattle via Dubai.  A very long trip indeed.

Upon arrival at my Hotel, Silver Cloud Inn in Bellevue, Redmond 
I was immediately impressed with the staff and how friendly the 
people were.  I would highly recommend the hotel to any person 
that would like to stay here.  (http://www.silvercloud.com/)

For our first supper we went to The Cheesecake Factory.  
WOW what a great menu and great food!! 

Then back to the hotel and sleep, really needed this!!

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