12 May 2015

Microsoft Redmond Day 3 Reflection

Microsoft Redmond Day 3 Reflection

Woke up very early, or should I say did not really sleep…  
Jetlag …

Upon arrival we were treated to a drumming session.  
I must admit that I am not really a great drummer…, 
but this was awesome.  What was really amazing was 
that the Drum Cafe had created songs about Microsoft 
and education and we sang along with our theme.  
This was really amazing.


This was followed by Anthony Salcito, who is the 
Vice President for Microsoft Worldwide Education.  
He really is an awesome speaker!

Then I had to present my first talk all about TPACK 
(Technology, Pedagogy and Content Creation) with the 
incredible Angela Schaerer from Microsoft South Africa.  
Awesome workshop with teachers been able to create lessons 
based on this model.

We then had our Teachmeet where we were able to see what 
other teachers had been doing.  I thought that what teachers are 
doing around the world is really awesome.  After looking at the 
various projects, I was also able to come home and tell the other 
teachers in my school about these projects so that they can adapt
 them and use them in their classrooms.

Mette and Josh then introduced our Educator challenge.  
We were divided into groups of five teachers from various countries.  
My group, group 1, was made up of people from South Africa, 
Canada, China, Croatia and Singapore.  


We made an awesome 
project, project courage and our pitch can be seen below.

We were then taken to a technology showcase hosted by Kent School 
District were various schools and students use technology to learn new 
skills to prepare for their futures every day.  WOW, there is such 
remarkable and amazing things that schools, teachers and students are doing!

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