27 May 2015

Microsoft Redmond Day 4 Reflection

Microsoft Redmond Day 4 Reflection

This to me was a bit of a manic day.  I have been feeling a little 
nervous about today as I am doing my Office 365 talk.  I have been 
doing a great deal of preparation for this and I feel confident that it 
will go well, but more of that later ….

We strated the day with our keynote speaker, Ziauddin Yousafzai.  
All I can say was WOW!! HE was really inspiring.  He is Malala’s 
father and for me personally it was one of the greatest speeches I have 
ever heard.  

This was a talk about a father and his daughter and the 
things he did with his daughter or should I say the things he did not do.  
He spoke about how he would give his daughter the choice of doing 
things and not reprimanding her for things that she wanted to do, but 
were against the countries policies and beliefs.  To me as an educator, 
is this not what we want our students to have, the freedom of choice, 
to do things that they believe in?

Then our Track sessions started.  For me that meant Office 365.  I had 
two sessions of an hour each.
The entire presentation can be found here:
http://bit.ly/1KxsVS6 (500 MB)  
I have included Mix into this so there are many videos explain how we 
have integrated Office 365 into our school.
Overall I think that the presentation went very well.

The one thing I was a little unhappy about was because I was presenting 
I could not see some of the other great presentations that were happening.

We then had the opportunity to work on the Educator Challenge.  
WOW what a great team I have!!  Croatia, Canada, Singapore and China!

In the afternoon we were driven to the 2015 Kent Technology Expo.  
This was amazing to see what students and teachers are doing in their classroom!

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