26 May 2015

Skype in the classroom

Skype and OneNote in the classroom

One of the great things about Skype is that you can bring other countries 
into your classroom real-time.  A group of 5 educators from South Africa, 
Canada, Singapore, China and Croatia have been working on a project about fear.  

As a class we discussed what fear meant to each of us.  We realized that fear and 
overcoming our fears was unique to each individual.  We created a shared
 Microsoft OneNote file that the students were then able to share their own fears.  
We used a guest login so that the students could type in their own personal 
feelings allowing them to keep their own anonymity.

Click below to view the OneNote shared file

Today we conducted our first Skype session with these countries.  
Each of the different classes from around the world had turns in discussing 
their fears and how they could overcome them.  It was really an awesome session!

One of the students commented: 
“It’s comforting to know everyone around the world has fear, 
and our fears is like different shades of the same color.”

The WOW factor is amazing!  
Bringing different countries into your class
and let children share their experiences!

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