08 May 2015

Microsoft Redmond Day 2 Reflection

Microsoft Redmond Day 2 Reflection

Today is when the work started.
I woke up early and went for a walk around Redmond.  
It is really beautiful, some places remind me of Cape Town.

Caught the shuttle to Microsoft Head Office, it only took 10 minutes.
Took the mandatory picture in front of the Microsoft Sign….

I was amazed at the size of the Microsoft Campus, it is really massive.  
Walked around the Microsoft Store for the first time.  WOW really cool.

Then booked a Microsoft shuttle to take me to building 92.  
This is really well run!

and write my first exam, MCE.

Back to the first building and prepare with Mette for our Office 365 presentation.
All eight of the presenters from around the world were really fantastic and I 
really appreciated the comradery that existed between all of us.  
Thank you all for this, it was really appreciated!!

In the evening there was a great welcome reception at the Westin Bellevue
Hotel where I had the opportunity to meet other educators from around the world.  
It was truly amazing how although we come from different parts of the world, 
spoke different languages, we all had something in common, 
education, technology and students.  

I learnt so much about other teaching practices and how the various 
countries do different things and how their education systems worked.

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