20 October 2015

10 Things You May Not Know About Excel But You Should Infographic

10 Things You May Not Know About Excel But You Should

1.    Master the Autofill Feature. You think you know it, but there is more to it!
2.    Customize Excel to Your Needs. Save clicks by placing your most often 
       used commands in the Quick Access Toolbar and customize the Ribbon.
3.    Use Range Names Instead of using cryptic cell addresses, you can improve 
       your workbooks by performing calculations using Range Names.
4.    Learn about 4 Useful Functions 
5.    Get to Know Some Logical Functions.
       Count(), Counta() and Countif()
       HLookup/Vlookup – Find Data Based on Criteria
       Text Manipulations with Concatenate and &
6.    Verify Complex Formulas. Learn how to calculate one step at a time, 
       showing the calculation first and then the result of each Argument.
7.    Get Familiar With Cell Styles. Use cell styles to quickly apply multiple 
       formatting options to cells at the same time for a neat and consistent appearance.
8.    Sparklines. Understanding Sparklines will add value to your data when used wisely!
7.    Tables! The advantages of organizing data in a table. Yes, a table within Excel!
8.    Duplicates. Every large data collection has duplicates – learn how to remove them!
9.    Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts. Pivot Tables 
10. Managing Large Workbooks. Learn how to navigate and manage large worksheets. 
      Excel provides features to help control screen displays and locate information quickly.

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