11 October 2015

Dropbox badge

Dropbox badge

Have you seen the new dropbox badge?
Right from inside your Office file, you can see if someone else 
in that Dropbox folder opens the same file on their computer.  
This is very cool because you can coordinate with them before 
making any changes. 

The badge also tells you:
When the other person has unsaved changes, 
so you can hold off on making any edits until they’re done
When the other person saves their changes, 
with an option to reload the document to the most up-to-date version
The badge also offers some handy time-saving options. 

You can:
Easily share the file you're working on
Ask for feedback or contributions by commenting on the file
View file history to go back in time and find content you’ve 
already changed or deleted
The badge appears on any Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, or Excel file
saved in your Dropbox. 

Very cool!!

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