09 October 2015

Student Mobile Workspaces

Student Mobile Workspaces

Having a powerful mobile workspace has become a crucial 
component in higher education. The Student Mobile Workspaces 
Infographic gathers mobile device statistics from 2013–2014, 
showing how the challenges of the mobile campus can be transformed 
into new opportunities for learning!

The wide variety of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices used on campus by students and faculty create a significant opportunity for anytime, anywhere learning.

58% of students own three or more mobile devices.
89% of students own a laptop
43% of students own a desktop computer
31% of students own a tablet
76% of students own a smartphone
16% of students own an e-reader

The challenge for colleges and universities is to bridge the gap between 
the expectations of campus users and the capabilities of the institution. 
94% of higher ed leaders agree that students today should be able to 
remotely access all the information, data and software they need, on any 
device, at any time, and with a consistent user experience. But 55% said
their institution 55% does not provide remote access to students.

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