14 October 2015

7 Steps to Blended Learning Infographic

7 Steps to Blended Learning Infographic

This is a great infographic for teachers that would like to start your
blended learning projects.

Below are the 7 practical steps to get started.

Ask your vendor to provide a variety of kick-off sessions to introduce the program and drive senior management buy-in. If they don’t use, nobody will.
Don’t patch.
Use one vendor for the entire blended program. Don’t mix providers for different elements of the blend. User experience and result-tracking will break.
Manage change.
Use blended learning to actively manage the change from local face-to-face silos to a consistent solution available across your entire organization.
One size does not fit all. Personalized content is key. Also find the right combination of blended learning elements for your user base.
Embrace Generation Y.
Use mobile and social to provide a consistent user experience across all devices. Blended learning works anytime, anywhere and on any device!
Go beyond e-learning and look out for integrated training administration services, business analytics, and the ability to build custom APIs.
Align and open up.
Align your blended learning strategy to business goals, encourage informal learning and integrate peer-to-peer and mentoring programs.

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