09 October 2015

A+ Math App

A+ Math App

Have fun while you learn and practice addition, 
subtraction, multiplication and division! 
Take a multiple-choice Practice Quiz with no time pressure. 
Or, take on the Speed Challenge, where quickness and accuracy 
count for top scores. Compete with others from around the world
 to see your best time on the top of the global leaderboard.  
Great for kids, no frustration or failure—if you guess wrong, 
you can try again until you choose the correct answer. 
Each round is different, with different problems and 
different choices for answers. 
Earn the most points by guessing correctly on the first try.   

  • Addition, 
  • subtraction, 
  • multiplication, and 
  • division 
  • Timed and untimed quizzes 
  • Global leaderboards 
  • optional sound effects
Click here to download the app

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